Standard Mail® flats are the only type of mailpiece that can be used with Every Door Direct Mail™ (EDDM) Retail, and also are one of the more popular mailpieces used with EDDM entered through Business Mail Entry Units (BMEUs).No mailing list required with USPS new answer to door to door marketing. Every Door Direct Mail is a new service from your local post office that will allow you to advertise your business for only 16 cents per door.

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Every Door Direct Mail is a very simple program from the United States Post Office that can offer your business an easy way to market Door to Door.EDDM™ is the ultimate small business marketing solution. In 10 minutes or less you can launch a targeted direct mail campaign to thousands of potential customers.USPS EDDM is less expensive to produce and less expensive to mail because the postage is far below the first class and even some bulk mail or standard rates.

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The UPS Store® network and the U.S. Postal Service® have combined forces to bring you the ultimate value in direct marketing. If you want to target potential customers by geographic area or specific neighborhoods surrounding your business then this mailing program is for you. Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) lets your business send promotional mail without having to buy and maintain a mailing list.

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  1. No Mailing List Required
  2. No Postage Permit Needed
  3. EDDM Perfectly Works for your Business
  4. The actual postage savings with EDDM marketing is about 3 cents over postcard first class rate, and about 7 cents over standard letter rate
  5. Direct mail is statistically one of the most effective forms of advertising for any business. It delivers a higher return-on-investment than any other medium

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Talking about advantages of Every Door Direct Mail™ services (EDDM), then thre are too many, especially for local businessmen. And more importantly it has lots of advantages over traditional methods of other media forms. The greatest and most beneficial advantage is the low cost involved in using direct mail in sending advertising messages to potential customers. Businesses can send the message to all targeted residences and business found in the list of selected postal routes. All you need to do is select the are where you want to market. Beauty of this direct mail program is that there is no need to prepare a mailing list of targeted addresses as the postal servicemen will simply deliver to each and every residence or business that is located in the selected carrier route.

When it comes to choosing the right marketing tool to employ, advertising by direct mail is still the cheapest and the most effective because it is handy, convenient and much easier to account for than the other media forms available to the businessman. Ads on direct Mail can easily be shared with others by the person who receives them. And the wow factor is that if EDDM piece containt some discount coupon or offer then the person will save it for use and might turn out to be your client for long time to come. The only other form that can compete with EDDM is eMail, but again eMail is not realiable, as there is no exact way to see who will receive it or not. New spam blockers almost block every email from unknow or phishy email address. So eMail being cheaper is not at all reliable to give any substantial results

With EDDM you can mail your postcards and flyers for just 16¢. Compare that to traditional direct mailer campaigns that cost an average of 75¢ per piece for the smallest and most basic mailer promotion. With Every Door Direct Mail, you can concentrate on an entire neighborhood with your marketing message, and you can be sure that your marketing material reach directly to the homes and hands of potential customers

The amazingly low price of 16¢ per piece is applied to ANY size of mailer. As long as you keep within the postal size guidelines, you can send 8.5x11 postcards and larger for big impact postcards that stand-out in your customers mailbox. About 40% of a every door direct marketing campaign’s success is based on its mailing list. Your product may be great and you may have extremely creative and attention-grabbing marketing materials, but without a strong list, they won’t get the best returns possible.


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